Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchanges – why they are important, and why you 100% need one to make money. If you are serious about making money from matched betting, and want to be successful with betting systems that work, you are going to need a betting exchange account.

What Is A Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a peer to peer betting site. There is no bookmaker involved, it is just me betting against you.

This gives us the opportunity to place Lay Bets, which is what we need to be able do in order to make risk free money from matched betting.

Betting Exchanges

Betfair is by far the biggest of the main betting exchanges, with far more money liquidity available. The more money and liquidity available, the better the chance of getting bets matched.

betting exchanges

Betfair is one of the most successful betting exchanges in the market place.

Lay Bets Explained

A Lay Bet is a bet against something happening. So for example, a lay of Manchester United to win a football match, is a bet on them not winning.

So if you placed a lay of Manchester United, and they won, your lay bet would lose. United lose, or the match is drawn, and your lay bet wins.

Laying a bet is essentially what a bookmaker does when we place a bet with them. When we place a bet on Manchester United to win, the bookmaker is laying Manchester United.

The bookmaker makes their money from our bet if Man Utd doesn’t win, while the bookmaker loses if Manchester United win, as they have to pay us.

The most certain thing about matched betting is that you need a betting exchange account. You can’t operate matched betting without one. The first thing any subscription service will request you do, is open one.

If you haven’t got a betting exchange account, you can’t lay bets. IF you can’t lay bets, you won’t be able to make money from new accounts offers, or reload offers, and you won’t profit from matched betting.

Best Matched Betting Systems

Here at there is no bull. Yes, we do make some commission if you buy any of these matched betting systems. But we are equally happy to show you how to do matched betting yourself, and all for free.

We will show you how matched betting works, what reload offers are, and how to cash them in, etc. This saves you money from buying any of the subscription services.

Not buying them will obviously save you money. But doing it yourself will take up a lot more of your spare time.

All of the systems either have a free trial, or a very cheap trial offer. You have nothing to lose trying them out. They will even make you some risk free cash during the trial period.

Disclaimer: Every effort is taken to make sure all the information provided on this website is up to date. Despite this, it’s still recommended that you thoroughly read through all the information on any link you visit and make sure you understand what it is you are signing up to.The prices, terms and conditions, etc, on all of these betting systems can change at very short notice. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure he/she is happy with any product before purchasing.

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