Matchedbets Release Accabackers, one of the leading online matched betting sites, recently released a new tool to make matched betting easier and more profitable. The tool, named ‘AccaBackers’, allows users to make use of Accumulator refund offers given by online bookmakers and turn them into withdrawable cash using matched betting.

Acca Backers

Matched betting using accumulator refunds has always been possible but the process is a lot more complicated than matched betting with signup bonuses and other bet offers. There’s a lot of effort needed to find close matches with odds and calculate lay amounts at specific times. That is where AccaBackers helps out.

The AccaBacker tool is preloaded with accumulator refund offer rules. Simply browse the selection of premade accas or select a bookmaker from the dropdown list to view a specific one. There are currently 13 bookmakers configured in the AccaBackers tool giving users a great choice of acca offers to profit from. The accumulators only show profitable accas but they can be edited to swap games which are scheduled for a more convenient time for the user.

Each accumulator has its own guide which explains how to do each offer in step-by-step format for the user.

The AccaBacker tool is integrated with other features on MatchedBets like the Calculator, Bet History and User Dashboard. Once an accumulator offer has been completed they are automatically stored in the users’ Bet History and the total profit is updated.

There are 4 methods available when using AccaBackers – Lay at Start, Lay Sequential, Profit Lock In and No Lay. Information on each of these methods can be found at the top of the AccaBackers page for users who aren’t familiar with them.

Matched betting is already a proven way to make a good income every month and the release of AccaBackers makes matched betting even more appealing. The simplicity of this tool and the value it gives users makes it a great addition to and the matched betting community.

The team at have made AccaBackers free to all members (more information can be found on our MatchedBets Review page) which could be a huge factor for people looking to sign up to a matched betting service but can’t decide on which one. Click here to visit and read more on their new AccaBackers tool.

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