Matched Betting

Matched betting is the simplest and easiest way to make risk free money, and is quite probably the best betting system that works. You can do this if you are an experienced gambler, or a newbie just starting out.

Perks Of Matched Betting

  • Matched Betting Is Legal
  • Earnings Are Tax Free
  • It Is NOT Gambling
  • Matched Betting Can Provide A Healthy Second Income
  • It Is Available To Do Nearly Every Day Of The Year
  • Anybody Can Do Matched Betting

Even though matched betting involves placing bets, it is not betting or gambling in any way. The only way you can lose money using the matched betting method is by human error, ie, placing the wrong bet, hitting the wrong button, placing the wrong amount of money, etc, using a subscription service should help you eliminate ‘lack of knowledge mistakes’ as they walk you through the whole process.

Betting Services That Specialise In Matched Betting

Matched Betting Explained

A typical and simple example of how matched betting works is by using a simple new customer offer. Let’s say we are opening a bookmakers account where you get a £20.00 free bet. In order to get your £20.00 free bet, you will first have to place your qualifying bet.

So you start off by placing your £20.00 qualifying bet. You do this on an event at odds of Even money, so you decide to back Barcelona to beat Real Madrid (for example).

So you have now opened your bookmaker account, and placed £20.00 on Barcelona to beat Real Madrid at Even money (2.00). You now have to cover your bet, to ensure you don’t lose your £20.00.

So you now open a betting exchange account (Befair is the best one, you can get one here and claim a £20.00 free bet). You then lay Barcelona on Betfair for £20.00.

A lay bet is basically a bet on a team to lose. So if you lay Barcelona, you will lose money if Barcelona win, and you would win money if the match is a draw, or Real Madrid win.

So now your position is as follows…….

  • You have placed £40.00 worth of bets.
  • If Barcelona win, you will get £40.00 back from the bookmaker, and nothing from the betting exchange.
  • If Barcelona don’t win, you will get nothing back from the bookmaker, but will get £40.00 back from the betting exchange.

… as you can see, you will spend £40.00, and you will get £40.00 back, no matter what the outcome of the football match. This is what makes matched betting risk free.

As well as having your £40.00 back, you now also have a £20.00 free bet to use, and that’s where the profit comes in!!

So what you do is find a sporting event to use your free bet on.

You find an event with odds of roughly 4/1 to use your free bet on, so lets say we use the free bet on Manchester United to beat Chelsea away at Stamford Bridge.

So you would first place £20.00 on Manchester United to beat Chelsea at odds of 4/1 with your £20.00 free bet from the bookmaker, giving you a return of £80.00 if United win.

Once you have done that, you would need to lay Manchester United on the betting exchange. This time you are not laying them for the full £20.00 though, you are only laying them for a percentage of the money.

For your lay bet, you would lay Manchester United at approximately £16.00 (you would need to use a matched betting calculator for the exact amount). For this example, we will say it is an exact £16.00 at 4/1 that we are laying.

What this means is that if Manchester United win you would get back £80.00 from the bookmaker, and lose £64.00 on the betting exchange, meaning a profit of £16.00.

While if Chelsea win, or it is a draw, you would lose nothing with the bookmaker (as it is a free bet you are using), but would make a profit of £16.00 from the betting exchange.

Meaning whatever the outcome of the match, you would have a profit of £16.00. And it wouldn’t matter who won, or if the match is a draw, you would get your profit no matter what.

Please note, this is just a basic example, the odds are not always exactly the same with the bookmaker and betting exchange, meaning you don’t always get to use exact amounts of money.

For a rough guide, for every £10.00 worth of free bets, you should be getting roughly £6.50 to £8.00 in risk free profit. So if you are finding £100.00 worth of free bets a week, you would be making around £65.00 to £80.00 a week, which is a good amount of money, and finding £100.00 worth of free bets a week is pretty basic stuff.

Matched Betting Is Here To Stay

Why do I say that? Well the reason is in front of us every day. If you watch any sporting event on the television these days, you will see you are bombarded with bookmaker adverts.

The bookmaking industry is now extremely competitive, so in order to attempt to keep our custom, the bookies now have to offer what they call retention offers (also known as reload offers) to keep us interested.

These retention offers come in the form of free bet refunds on all kinds of sports, football, cricket, darts, tennis, horse racing, etc. The most popular retention offers are on horse racing and football, and with one or both of these sports taking place nearly every day of the year, it’s easy to see why this method of making money is here to stay.

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